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StealthSurfer III FAQs 

Frequently Asked Question

General Questions

What does the StealthSurfer do?

This one of a kind product acts as an independent browser device that protects you from nosy neighbors (like in the workplace - or even at home) from knowing your Web viewing habits.

What software is included?

StealthSurfer features: Mojopac provides a portable computing environment, so you can take your programs and files wherever you go. Tor stops identity theft with web anonymity, encryption and IP masking to allow for secure surfing. Anonymous web surfing with Firefox, the most secure internet browser available. Let Roboform fill forms, log on to web sites, and manage passwords. Automatic 3DES encryption keeps your passwords safe and secure. Take your POP3 email with you: Thunderbird and keep your emails off your computer and use it where ever you go. High security web based email Hushmail beats spam and secures your email without the fuss. All applications integrated and designed to work together with no installation high security and protection against identity theft in a small portable USB product. Do not let your loved ones become another statistic of the increasing dangers online.

How does it work?

The StealthSurfer is a key-sized internet security device that plugs directly and easily into your USB port of your Windows XP PC. ALL files and cookies get cached on the removable USB device. When you leave your computer, simply take this keychain-sized drive with you.

At this time, StealthSurfer is not compatible with MAC or Windows Vista or Windows 2000.

Why would I need to get a StealthSurfer?

CONVENIENCE, PORTABILITY, IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION, SECURITY, and PRIVACY! This product is ideal for people searching for a new job (and do not want their current employer to know), checking Web-based e-mail or anyone who does not want their visited web sites known. With StealthSurfer, you can take ALL your Web-based email and ALL your internet history with you from one place to the next and stay totally CLEAN.

Does the StealthSurfer device deal with proxies or ways to disguise your IP address or surfing identity?

YES! With integrated Tor software your IP address is hidden by IP masking (proxy masking); moreover, all web activity is encrypted until it hits the Internet when using Tor. StealthSurfer TOTALLY protects your browsing from others through its software combination.

What interfaces and OS are supported by the StealthSurfer?

StealthSurfer uses a USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface on PCs running Windows XP. StealthSurfer is not compatible with Windows VISTA or 2000 or MAC systems. StealthSurfer is inserted directly into the USB port or can alternatively be connected to the computer through a USB cable with an A-Type plug and an A-type connector.

What StealthSurfer memory sizes are available?

StealthSurfer is currently available in 8GB and 16GB. Larger capacities will be available in the future.

Can you modify the product so that it can be customized for companies who require large quantities of the StealthSurfer?

Yes, we can modify the bookmark and the startup homepage to make it unique for a given reseller. For example, a casino could choose to have their homepage automatically load upon startup and could feature bookmarks for their sites. In this way, the StealthSurfer can become a powerful value-added marketing and sales tool.

I hear that browsing through a device slows down the Internet connection. Is that true with the StealthSurfer?

Browsing through the anonymous proxy service will slow down your web connection a little. This is because your internet traffic is being bounced all over the world to keep you anonymous. We suggest browsing in anonymous mode when you want to be anonymous, but turn off anonymous mode when it does not matter if you are anonymous.

Is there anything else the StealthSurfer can be used for?

The product can also be used as a portable USB flash drive in place of floppy disks. This makes it ideal for shuttling large files easily between computers (or for instance, work files from the office to your home).

Why is the price a bit higher than ordinary flash drives?

The StealthSurfer is a combination of both hardware and software. A typical flash drive is nothing more than a blank disk. The StealthSurfer however, offers the power and convenience of a portable drive with the added benefit of providing total privacy for your surfing. It comes with licensed versions of RoboForm Pro ($29.95 MSRP), Hushmail (up to 4 years of a Hushmail Premium subscription with webmail and IMAP desktop access, $199.96 MSRP), and Mojopac, ($49.99 MSRP). It is also not just a regular USB flash drive - we use the ultra fast dual channel Rally2 from OCZ Technologies. If you browse on a regular USB portable mini-drive, you will not be protected. StealthSurfer is designed to be a comprehensive internet security device.

Arenít there software-only solutions that do the same thing?

Many of the software solutions currently on the market attempt to offer security by removing surfing evidence after-the-fact. The problem is that you risk not knowing if all the files have been truly removed and you must remember to run the clean-up software every time you log-off the Web - in other words, an active effort whereas the StealthSurfer is an automatic and passive security. All Web activity remains on your removable device and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Warranty and Product Returns FAQ:
How do I return my StealthSurfer product?
  Depending on where you purchased your StealthSurfer product, you may be able to return your merchandise to the place you purchased it. If you return your StealthSurfer product within a period of required by the retail store, online store, or other reseller (typically 30 days), you may receive store credit or reimbursement depending on that resellerís policy on returns and exchanges. StealthSurfer is not responsible for returns or exchanges to the stores.

If you purchased your StealthSurfer online through this website, you are entitled to an exchange if the hardware is defective within 90 days of purchase. Please email us to obtain an RMA form. We will send you a new StealthSurfer USB drive - we will not be able to recover files for you if your drive is damaged.

My StealthSurfer product isn't working and the deadline for the reseller return policy is passed.
  If you have trouble with your StealthSurfer product during the warranty period for that product, first visit StealthSurfer Support online, which includes frequently asked questions (FAQ), and free software (drivers) for download, to assist you and answer your questions. If the FAQ pages do not help you to resolve your product issues, contact StealthSurfer Technical Support by email.
How do I contact StealthSurfer Technical Support?
  If the FAQ pages do not help you to resolve your product issues, contact Alpha Electronics by email.

E-mail us anytime at:

StealthSurfer Technical Support determined my StealthSurfer product is defective and sent me a Return Merchandise Authority (RMA) form. What do I do now?
  Completely fill out your form and follow the instructions carefully when returning your product to Mfg. Clearly mark your RMA number on the outside of the product package and include a copy of proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, or packing slip) when shipping this product to StealthSurfer for a replacement product. StealthSurfer will ship a replacement product to the address you provide one to three business days after receiving your defective product.
Do I need to send the box, manuals, disks and power adapter when returning to StealthSurfer?
  No. Send only the defective unit and the power adapter. If your product is a kit and only one of the units is defective, put the model number of the particular unit you are shipping to Mfg.. Do not submit the model number of the entire kit.
Who is responsible for shipping?
  To Us:
Our customers are responsible for shipping the defective unit to Mfg., including: brokerage, taxes, customs, and duties incurred.
  From Us:
Continental United States and Canada - Mfg. will ship the replacement unit to you by UPS ground. If you want to expedite shipping, you will be responsible for the expedited shipping charge and will be asked to provide a credit card or a shipper's account number for the expedited shipping charge. Alaska and Hawaii - StealthSurfer will pay one-half of the shipping charge. You will be responsible for the other half of the shipping charge and will be asked to provide a credit card or a shipper's account number for your one half of the shipping charge. International - International customers are responsible to pay the return shipping charge, including: brokerage, taxes, customs, and duties incurred. You will be asked to provide a credit card or a shipper's account number for the return shipping charges.
What is the turn-around time for StealthSurfer to return a replacement product?

Mfg. will ship a replacement product to the address you provide one to three business days after receiving your defective product.

Can StealthSurfer determine if my unit is under warranty from the product serial number or my registration of the product?
  No. Your product warranty depends on when you purchased your unit and whether you have a proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or packing slip). Mfg. Technical Support requires your proof of purchase in order to verify your product is under warranty.
How do I upgrade my StealthSurfer product for a better one?
  Alpha Electronics does not offer refunds or product upgrades. Alpha Electronics will replace defective products under warranty for the same product only.
What is the procedure for a refund?
  Refunds are provided by the Mfg. reseller within the period of time the reseller allows. StealthSurfer does not provide refunds. No exceptions.
If I am located near mfg., can I return my product in person?
  Mfg. does not accept walk-ins. Mfg. and Alpha Electronics requires all returned merchandise to be shipped to Mfg.
No exceptions.
How do I obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)?
  In order to obtain a RMA number, you must contact Alpha Electronics first to determine your product is defective and under warranty.
You can use one of the following methods to contact one of our Customer Support Representatives:

Support by email.
Or, our on-line support:
Or, e-mail us anytime at:

One of our professional technicians will work to resolve your issue and help you to get your StealthSurfer product up and running. If your issue is not resolved, we will determine whether the difficulty you are experiencing is the result of the StealthSurfer product, whether your product contains a defect, and whether your product is under warranty. If we determine your product is defective and under warranty, he or she will instruct you (email) to return your product and assign you a unique Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number will enable you to return your merchandise for a working product.
Once my unit is replaced, does my warranty start all over?
  No, your warranty continues from the original date of purchase.

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